I cut my lip on her fly 
trying to take off her pants
with my teeth. 

She just winked,
let it slide.
and left me to enjoy
what was beneath. 

Lucid M.

Humble Harry

Humble Harry horridly hacked at her hurting heart
hoping the heavens would hate him and hurl judgement.  

Stir-fry Stylish

Apologise to all the people
who despise her dry clothes

But she never really gave shit
for people looking with there eyes closed.

Lucid M.
What do we think?

Fire Fly.

Vulnerable to fires
attracting fire flies
im a fire bug watching 
twigs blister twist
then wilt and die

Lucid M. ;)
Tell me what you think?

The people before.

Forget the brawlers the douches and bitches
regret will follow them though all of there niches
remember the titans the smarties and gentles
they will remain high and mighty
through youth to parentals 

Lucid Maka
Like it? :)

Its what’s inside that counts.

Depressingly enough a bottle of beer explained to me 
its crushing burdan that it had to carry since birth.

Unreluctantly i diminished the burdan,
both of us walking away that night
one of us a lot more empty
and the other just a little more full.


A cold room sits alone in the dark
i walk inside and it starts to shiver.

It asks me if i would leave
lest it catch pneumonia.

It makes sense to you right?

"I may seem sad, but really i’m just a sponge."

How to get a girlfriend

Step 1.
She looks alone yet covered in friends
she smiles and laughs as her mind bubbles and bends
she hides behind a wall of her own
she cries inside and wants to feel home.

Step 2.
You see her back but never her front

you sit in the back and she sits at the front
your grades are all back and her grades are all front
your friends are all back and her friends are all front
you live in the back and she lives in the back…

you live in the back and she lives in the back.

Step 3.
Her steps are cold and dripping with numbness
your head follows the drops till your lost in your interest
you feel something soft, you head has now stopped
you look at her now see her eyes and your glossed.

Step 4.
A perfume that tingled everyone on of your senses 

nocked on your head and repeated to tempt them
your locked with the cold your locked with the girl
your locked in a stance your both locked in the world.

Step 5.
Both locked in a moment you started to think

is this all it takes to shake us off the brink
the brink of all norms the place where we follow
all you think of is storms and people just wallow.
were trapped in it all, but in this moment i see
your thoughts are all clouded
but your thoughts are of me.

Step 6. 
Stop what your doing, stop it right now
there over the line and under the couch.
there inside the book and written in will
there waiting for you all to break up the seal.

Lucid M.
What do we think? What do you feel?

Nothing Personal

Gun shots bled though the chips on his shoulders
damn twit fell to his feet as if crumpled by boulders

His ego hung high,
it was an easy target
body lies cold
dies young not old
flown off the path set.

Now nothing flies passed him
rag doll effect 
neck snaped like guitar strings.  

Lucid M. Dark and twisty, what do we think?

The Monster of my Eye

Flames lick down at the sides of the trees,
the dried leaves run at the sight of the thieves
down dip dunk sway from the branches
the forest sits still as the fire army dances. 

War parched fangs and intimidated eyes
more men march as the war song cries
here in the green find the place were he lies
the tittan foe with his topaz eyes. 

Caution is caught as the men slow down
deep in the dark there sticks find the ground
deep in the mud in the earth with the clay
lies asleep in the dark a monster
and his destiny.

Like shadows they crept
moved with the shine of the moon
the fire army prepared to kill the titan
in just one move.

A scout came and appeared
explained what he saw
the titan lay asleep
with his eye exposed 
for them all.

They picked up there sticks
they cheered and they swore
they leapt for the titan
who lay with one eye open
watching them roar.

Defenceless he was as the fire army took force.
stabbing and cutting with there sticks and there swords
slowly the titan defeated and cold
drifted away, not him just his soul.

And as they cheered and sung 
of the titans passive defeat 
the earth cracked and roared 
and the land started to weep.

You see the fire army was scared
and let cowardice lead them to war
with the passive titan of the forest
who in fact guarded them all.

The army looked puzzled as there world started to die
down came the leaves and down came the sky.
crushing there songs
crushing there win
crushing there fire
that hatred that burnt them all from within.

imageIllustration by Matt Rockerfellermrockefeller )

Poem by Lucid M.
I found this image posted somewhere on tumblr and it just evoked so many thoughts in my head. Its an amazing piece of art that was very inspirational. Feel free to ask any question or make any statement you wish. 

as if
his lips
her eyes
their kiss 
kept ties.
just when 
they pulled
their hips
instead they 
whisked away
the night
just to
right to

Lucid M.
The passion and the end, lovely and sad. A good ride but eventually all good things end, right?