Pocket Watch

The passing of time is but a movement of thought
my good thoughts begin when i stop thinking of time
i hope to be present this time
and each time after,
because to be fully present is to truly engage
and to truly engage is the only way to show how grateful i am.
i engage with the happiness,
try to let it warm that part of my stomach
and engage the hurt that wells in my throat and burns my insides as it is swallowed.

I hope to be fully present through thick and thin
because at the end of time
i hope to be able to understand the happiness
and understand the hurt 
Just as much as i understand myself.

I want to appreciate that time does not wait,
but also that time does bend for those who fall from it.
Falling from time can last a week it could last a year.
But as you fall not always will you notice the time passing.

So this time as i fall and as i climb i hope to be present in time.
To feel these feelings i have and react to them.
only to accept that i am human
and that time is part of me just as my mind or my body.
And in order to improve it i must work with it. 

Lucid M- I wrote this for a friend of mine who is suffering from depression. She says it helped her, and this makes me happy.Hopefully this will inspire some more people. What do you all think?

Bump Boomp

Sing a song about broken hearts
hoping yours will stop tearing apart?
Well prepare to feel fucked.

The Sun and Moon (?)

My father always told me 
I’m so beautiful that it would kill
any man that would try destroy me
men with blackened hearts and will.

He told me i was precious
dangerous to say the least
golden beams of burning light
kissing gently at his cheek.
He says i keep him healthy
there is nurture in my glow
there lies his future
from the nutrients that i bestow.
He says that without me he will be ashes
dirt, and cloggy stone
his rivers will run dry
and his plants will erode
but sometimes i long for someone else
sometimes i long for time alone
sometimes i wish to rest a bit
from the responsibilities of home.

A mirror in this blanket darkness
a shimmer just a touch
the reflection of his face 
a flicker that makes me blush
i see him just a moment 
one moment is all we need
i find my self burning
with an intensified heat.

A glowing white smile, 
dimples dash the deck
that cheesy little smile 
has me hooked in line 
and i am set.

But father wont have any
he has forbid me to proceed
you see this jealously that consumes him 
leaves me hardy able to breath
this protection that he instiles keeps me flowing 
in this open space.
and i’m hoping that ill have a chance to see
the moon so we can at long last take embrace.

But long i have waited
watching the stars dive in the darkness
following there hearts
to see where there path sits.
I grow tired of waiting
who is he to deny me my life
ill sneak round the earth
by the stars by the lights
by the blanket darkness
that cushions my feet when in flight. 

He is more pale in person
more perfect and pure
only moments are left till we meet 
how many moments more can i endure?

Oh no.

A glowing white smile
cracks in the light 
dimples that dashed
are now setting alight
that cheesy smile that gave me hope
now scorched in the distance
my love is burning from my life.

Without a breath i turn back
what pain have i have caused?
If i rush back to dad
the moon might survive this accord.

As i sit back upon my perch 
i turn to face the…

A solar flare drips out from my eye
the frozen husk of my dad
the earth
floats frozen solid and dies.

The moon in the distance
is cracked and distorted 
he didn’t survive the encounter 
he didn’t survive the courtship.

I float in the black with nothing to feel
the light that once burned 
burns no longer 
that light is now still.

Lucid M. :}

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Life As A Wolf

Wolf calls to night
night responds with the echo
wolf barks to dawn, no response
but the moons down from the get go.  


I work hard at smelling good
So others who smell me are all like
'damn he smell good'.

Click go’s the light as nerves kick in
pitch is the dark, trembled words slip in.

Two Butterflies

Why cant i realise what is wrong with me
not to start off grim I’m just wondering 
Im a little protective
a little uptight,
i’m kind off a secret 
tangled and caught
and i’m dying tonight

Now don’t get me wrong it was great to start off
you two where drunk and where having a laugh 
you two where happy,
something you hadn’t felt in a while
you to where where mesmerised but still in denial.
you sat facing each other linking your eyes,
both stayed engaged never blinking more than twice. 
You felt a rage but it wasn’t here tonight, 
she was forgotten but found in your sight.

Unexpected is the cruellest of bight
for two butterflies are attracted to light

Conversation to smile 
lips start to crinkle, 
she found a new heart, 
he discovered her dimples, 
delightful he thought, 
she was 
he was 
madly drunk off passion 
decided to walk to a bedroom for some private interaction.

She followed him down a hallway
heart thumped with the floorboards
she felt his pulse in her palm 
part distorted by doorways
she caught a glimpse of the sad 
that trickled his cheek
lost in the moment she decided to leap.
two lips cut cold 
four lips now hold
embracing and tracing
there concaves and the folds. 
I was born in this moment 
they wished forever to hold.
but forever is never for a moment that cant be told

Unexpected is the cruellest of bight
for two butterflies are attracted to light

It doesn’t matter what happened in the room, 
they never told me 
but when entering it was highly pursued 

yet they exited with there morals consumed.
shaking there heads never locking there eyes 
they made a mistake that a few hours ago felt so right.

Unexpected is the cruellest of bight
two butterflies are attracted to light

Never to meet again there lives twisted 
but the rest of the world never caught a glimpse they just missed it. 
But now i
alone and so cold, 
a fragment of time that a few hours ago felt so bold, 
drifted out from the room, 
through the creaky hallway, 
flicked the chairs of passion
and drift out like smoke through a doorway. 

I now know whats wrong with me
i am the problem, 
and the mistake
thats why i feel so wrong
i’m the essence of time where 
two butterflies held on to long

Unexpected is the cruellest of bight
two butterflies are attracted to light
two butterflies subtracted there flight
to keep me under wraps 
under the blankets at night.

Lucid M.



I Have Three Brains

I have three brains
one in my head
one in my heart
and one in my dick

I have three brains
one filled with fact
one filled with love
and one filled with lust

I have three brains
one keeps me knowing
one keeps me happy
and one keeps me eager

She left him in Summer

I have two brains
one in my head 
and one in my dick

I have two brains
one keeps me here
and one keeps me there

He rejected all in Autumn

I have one brain
in my head

I have one brain
it keeps me going

He lost meaning in Winter

I have no brain
nothing to keep me here

I have no brain
I don’t exist

He found a new flower in Spring

I have three brains
one in my heart 
one in my head
and one in my dick.

Lucid M.

Yo Yo Wiked Rap Yo Stai in da Game

Split it down the middle
a little bit of bond and a little bid kid ill
Rush these streets,
brush these beats upon your teeth
Colgate fresh,
no way left
to hold my stress

I’m dangerous,
like a strangers love
re-arrange a face to contain a grudge.
ill maim a judge
frame a bludge
or flame a dud who’s been acting up

I don’t remain the same
picking up my game  
i drop my chain
just to pick up speed
in the fastest lane
then burst my brain 
let it leak like the open water manes.

See the bridge
take the jump with a shove
but i side step it with charge 
to remain at the peak
high dry and above.

Lucid M.

Affair with a Conundrum

Got more than she can keep
life is falling in the deep end.

Found a man in replace for your boy
but you conscious seems to weaken

Drop him for the week 
but then take him back on the weekend.

You hide behind the sheets
then spring like jacks when you see him

Now you ain’t one to kiss and tell
but this is swell
a place where you are understood
a replacement for that living hell.  

Your mind is at ease
just a few more hours to go
then its back to the week
and its back on with the show.

Lucid M.
Hiding, hiding, people are hiding. What do we think?

Suicidal Chef.

A part time pastry chef with dreams an aspirations
but through dark times and flaky temps his mind disappeared to bad places.

Blaming the dough he went for a punch, he kneaded that bitch like a hard worker needs his lunch. He laughed and he spat, for he had gone mad. His mind turned to soup because he wanted her bad. 

If he could not take it, nothing would have her.

Instead of chasing a dream he hung himself in the kitchen, dying with a racket, writing his last words on a easy mac packet.

Lucid M. :}


I cut my lip on her fly 
trying to take off her pants
with my teeth. 

She just winked,
let it slide.
and left me to enjoy
what was beneath. 

Lucid M.